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Vale Internações

The Vale Internações provides the patient with all the necessary resources that can accelerate your recovery, through a multi professional team consisting of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists and nutritionists, as well as all the necessary equipment.

This service reduces the length of hospital stay and prevents successive hospitalizations in patients with chronic illness through follow-up. home preventively. It is the closest proposal to the ideal of modern care, global medicine with involvement physician, patient and family.

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Home Care

Home Care is a new concept of healthcare delivery, focusing on the patient / family binomial. This procedure has been applied by Vale Internações Domiciliares, which has a monitoring, treatment and care system, which are provided to patients eligible for the program. Thus, the period of hospitalization can be abbreviated or even hospital readmissions avoided.

The family participation in the home care program is of paramount importance in patient recovery, family members will receive explanations about the disease and training that will enable them to participate in treatment.

With this, the patient will feel safer, emotionally calmer and therefore able to recover in less time than hospitalization, as has been proven by research in various countries of the world.