Home Care

We take the hospital home
to speed up your recovery.

The Home Care is the union of the most modern health concepts developed and adopted in the advanced medicine regions, such as the United States, France, England and Japan, being a system that allows the monitoring, treatment and care of the patient at home, with A structure specially assembled for this, facilitating its restoration in the comfort of your own home, together with the affection of your family. It is a perfect program, especially for seniors and children who most need cozy environments for a quick recovery.

It is the closest proposal to the ideal of modern care, of global medicine with medical, patient and family involvement.

Family participation in the home care program is of paramount importance in patient recovery. Family members will receive explanations about the disease and training that will enable them to participate in its recovery. With this the patient will feel safer, emotionally calmer and therefore able to recover in a shorter time than the hospitalization, as proven by research in various countries of the world.