About Us

The Vale Internacoes Domiciliares is a Brazilian company that was founded in January 2001. A pioneer in this segment in the region, it has brought to São José dos Campos a home care program that caters from infants to the elderly, with a complete structure. necessary for humanized care.

Through a hospital operating structure, we provide conditions for the full recovery of the patient in an environment in which he will surely feel better; your own home. With the implementation of this system, São José dos Campos became part of a privileged group of municipalities that adopted this modern and revolutionary concept of health, which is also successful in other countries.

There are numerous benefits of this health system that has earned the ultimate trust of people, the most important being the presence of the family in their natural habitat: their own home. This modern and effective service reduces hospital stay, reducing the risk of nosocomial infection and the inconvenience of successive hospitalizations in patients with chronic diseases.