For the Patient:

  • Be treated in the accommodations and comfort of your home;
  • Have more privacy, wear your own clothes, have greater control and physical security;
  • Replacement of an environment that feeds the idea of illness;
  • Being in an environment of greater socialization;
  • To be able to count on the support, attention and affection of the family;
  • Reduce the time of your recovery;
  • Avoid risks of hospital infections;
  • Receive treatment and care with hospital-equivalent quality.

For the family:

  • See, feel and care for the family patient at home, without having to travel to the hospital at a pre-determined short time, and without having to stay overnight in the hospital;
  • Save costs and time, such as parking, transportation or transportation, as well as reducing stress;
  • Better monitoring of patient evolution through the services provided.

For the Assistant Physician (Holder):

  • The Home Care System's multiprofessional team provides organized and well-planned work that translates into a global view of the patient, benefiting their recovery;
  • The patient receives follow-up from the Home Physician in charge of the Home Care Company who, in turn, keeps the Assistant Physician up to date on their patient.

For the Covenants / Companies:

  • Considerable reduction in the cost of hospitalization;
  • Highest degree of satisfaction for its users, valuing and honoring the Contractor.

For the Hospital:

  • Decreased cross infection;
  • Lower cost for less bed building need
  • Offering beds to other patients
  • Decreased length of stay and higher bed turnover.